About ApicalArt.com

About ApicalArt.com

Art meant nothing to me until I randomly popped into small art gallery a few years back.  I was completely out of my depth and about to leave as quickly as I had come in. Then I saw a piece of art from which I couldn’t move. I had a REAL moment… and in that moment I became an art lover. I couldn’t  afford it, but I left a down payment. A year of payments later  it was mine!  Yes it was expensive. No, I’ve never regretted it.  Actually, it sits on my coffee table and after years of owning it, I still stare at it. What was it?  ‘Hand of God’ by Lorenzo Quinn.

So, welcome to ApicalArt! ApicalArt is a portal into the incredible world of contemporary fine art.  Whether delight or disgust, joy or sadness, real  art should ‘move’ you.  I hope you will find examples of art here which do just that, which you will wish to own, or even make a gift to someone special.  Enjoy!



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